a Lucky Bat

   assalamualaikum !

actually, i want to share with you'll the story about 
"a Lucky Bat"
this story is very very good. haha. many moral value we can get.
if you rajen you bace lah. hahah..
(ni tuk story telling test esok. ngeh3)

Once upon a time, a bat lived in a dark hole of a tree. The bat would often look at his own reflection in the glossy water of a pond and curse his fate, “I am the unlucky one. I am neither beautiful like the birds nor strong like the animals. The birds can fly to great heights. They lay beautiful eggs. They sing such lovely songs. The animals can live on the ground and ran around. I am like none of them. I have to hang myself upside down on the trees. God has been very unfair to me”. The bat would often feel unhappy about being different from the birds and the animals.
One day, there was a fight between the birds and the animals. At times it seemed the animals would win but at the other times it seemed the birds would win.
Suddenly, the bat was surrounded by the birds, who thought that the bat was an animal. They were about to kill him when the bat spoke, “Hey, don’t kill me. I am not an animal. See I can fly like you. I am one amongst you”.
The birds on seeing that the bat could fly like them, spared him. The bat sighed in relief.Hardly had the birds left him, when the animals surrounded him. The animals thought that the bat was a bird and they were about to kill him when the bat spoke, “ Hey, don’t kill me, I am not a bird. See, I don’t lay my eggs like birds. I am one amongst you”.On hearing this, the animals realized that the bat was not a bird. They too let the bat go. The bat sighed again in relief.
The fighting went on, and hundreds of birds and animals were killed. Soon, the bat’s face was bright with the glow of happiness. He thought, “Had I been an animal, the birds would have killed me. And, had I been a bird the animals would have killed me. Thank God, I am like neither of them. I am very happy to be myself”.
The bat had realized the greatness of its being unique, and learnt to enjoy its unique blessings.


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